Broken Wings

“What about that one?
 Where was the source?”

“Well, I was a private pilot for a while, and began flying with my Dad in a ‘49 Navion. I went back to Illinois and took ground school after that and flying lessons. Years later, I helped my nephew with his flight school, and knew a lot of pilots that traded stories. And then I learned about the secret space program, and those that recovered their memories from that. The title came from the Beatles song by Paul McCartney, “Blackbird.” The lyric, “Take these broken wings and learn to fly” really applied. I guess a lot of my titles are like that, coming from songs that I knew. There really is a paper called “Antimatter Production at Potential Boundaries” about making the stuff using the Casimir effect. You can’t believe the science that just gets buried and forgotten. I mean, this is real stuff, and not sci fi. But it just makes sense to use real science in speculation, and it makes sci fi stories a little more sensible. Gene Roddenberry did that with Star Trek, as did others like Arthur C. Clarke. Those are great role models for sci fi writers.”