Ancient Reunion

“Where did that one come from?”

“It really started with a dream, where I looked out this large window in what was the Sanctuary in the book, and saw 3 suns. In the dream the writing went vertically, and the library came from Earth. The dreams continued for about 4 more nights, and then stopped. I had this compulsion to write it down, and then the story line evolved, taking on a life of it’s own. After finishing, I looked for 3 star systems that matched what I saw, and after running Celestia, a simulation app, I looked back toward the Sol system and saw that it was a corner star in a pyramid shaped constellation when I was in the Proxima system. A chill went down my neck, and I knew that was it. The rest of the book was a mix of experiences and speculation, but with a high probability of being possible. A piece of yourself always makes it into your stories or characters, and it’s true with that one as well. I also remembered the dream.”