Science and Adventure Series
Elizabeth Donavan

…has had a life that most would find unbelievable, but she has used that as a source for material in her books. She worked as an engineer for a number of years, as a consultant as well as in major corporations. In between, she has worked as an editor in small town newspapers, as well as for various authors polishing up their books prior to publishing. She also worked as an investigative reporter uncovering corruption in government, business and in the sciences. Working in health care as a nurse allowed her to see the underbelly of the health care industry, and the dark side there.

She was in the US until late 2011, when government agents threatened her, and left the US because of what she knew. Many colleagues and friends have turned up dead, and she is one of those that survived the abusive situations. “I recently looked at my day-timer to compile a list of contacts, and was shocked to find that most are no longer with us…the attrition rate was way over the top, and in no way could be considered normal.” she said. She has been blessed by those who consider her knowledge and intentions as something valuable, and is in an undisclosed location in Spain, after escaping from yet another abusive situation from someone she considered a friend, that took a prototype to the United States without returning it of her design, and threatened her with bodily harm. “I really should have done a background check on her, and my intuition said something wasn’t right. But I ignored that, and suffered the consequences,” she lamented.

She is being helped by friends that are introducing her to those of like mind, and intends to continue both her research as well as writing.


Elizabeth was born and raised in the Chicago area. She worked in several jobs until finally settling down in a small southern town editing two newspapers. She did a lot of short stories that went into other people’s work, at times ghost writing. You can tell her style, which is tongue in cheek, and a dry sense of humor.

She traveled across the US, and came back to the south—to the old homestead before leaving for Australia, staying several months there before leaving for Europe. She is still in Europe, and is compiling material for at least two more novels, as well as corresponding with scientists and inventors that specialize in exotic technologies that are for the most part suppressed, and hidden from the public. Sound like a good plot for a spy novel? You betcha, and when that one is ready, it will be released.

“No one has a novel that shows what a world might be like with free energy, and advanced tech. Tomorrowland came close, but stopped short. The world is ready for a work that shows what kind of world we could have, but is kept from us for political reasons and corporate profits. Where would we be today if those forces failed at suppressing all this stuff? What kind of alternate universe is out there with all these amazing things?”

We shall soon see!