This book is a collection of different articles I have written over the years. As opposed to a novel, this one is both science as well as speculation, and has a lot of graphics as well as photos. It deals with Alternative Energy, Gravity control and how to generate it (kiddies, don’t do this at home) as well as an extensive bibliography that consists of many papers in my library, most of which have been an inspiration to me.

“No one has a novel that shows what a world might be like with free energy, and advanced tech. Tomorrowland came close, but stopped short. The world is ready for a work that shows what kind of world we could have, but is kept from us for political reasons and corporate profits. Where would we be today if those forces failed at suppressing all this stuff? What kind of alternate universe is out there with all these amazing things?”

We shall soon see!



Broken Wings

“What about that one?
 Where was the source?”

“Well, I was a private pilot for a while, and began flying with my Dad in a ‘49 Navion. I went back to Illinois and took ground school after that and flying lessons. Years later, I helped my nephew with his flight school, and knew a lot of pilots that traded stories. And then I learned about the secret space program, and those that recovered their memories from that. The title came from the Beatles song by Paul McCartney, “Blackbird.” The lyric, “Take these broken wings and learn to fly” really applied. I guess a lot of my titles are like that, coming from songs that I knew. There really is a paper called “Antimatter Production at Potential Boundaries” about making the stuff using the Casimir effect. You can’t believe the science that just gets buried and forgotten. I mean, this is real stuff, and not sci fi. But it just makes sense to use real science in speculation, and it makes sci fi stories a little more sensible. Gene Roddenberry did that with Star Trek, as did others like Arthur C. Clarke. Those are great role models for sci fi writers.”



Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

“How did you get the idea for that one?”

“I mixed personal experiences with a good plot, and embellished a little bit. The title comes from a Warren Zevon song, and when it played it just clicked, and that became the title. Liz is a lot like me, and friends that I have known became characters as well, names changed of course. I call it a cathartic purge. A little while after getting all my books online, I was thrown out of the place I was staying. I’m OK with that. It’s just more source material for another book.”

“Why did that happen?

“Probably a combination of factors, but the woman and boyfriend that rented the place was pretty shady. It might have even been jealousy. Who knows? I just moved on, and realized that being careful was a lesson I had to learn.”



“What about Mississippi, Shadows?”

“That was started by my father, and I took the characters and tried fleshing them out—making them more real. His side is probably a lot more darker than mine, but he was probably in that head space, and needed to purge. I can understand that. It takes place in the 1950’s south, in Mississippi. It was a different world back then. Now it seems terribly racist, but back then it’s the way it was. I think I had to live in the south to get the idioms and dialog down right. There’s no way I could have done that living in the Chicago area. I know it has a bit of anticlimactic ending, but most of the story has closure. That gap allows the author to do a sequel or two, and I would like to do a couple of sequels to bring it into the present time. I do appreciate the irony—after all, the book was a generational work.”



Ancient Reunion

“Where did that one come from?”

“It really started with a dream, where I looked out this large window in what was the Sanctuary in the book, and saw 3 suns. In the dream the writing went vertically, and the library came from Earth. The dreams continued for about 4 more nights, and then stopped. I had this compulsion to write it down, and then the story line evolved, taking on a life of it’s own. After finishing, I looked for 3 star systems that matched what I saw, and after running Celestia, a simulation app, I looked back toward the Sol system and saw that it was a corner star in a pyramid shaped constellation when I was in the Proxima system. A chill went down my neck, and I knew that was it. The rest of the book was a mix of experiences and speculation, but with a high probability of being possible. A piece of yourself always makes it into your stories or characters, and it’s true with that one as well. I also remembered the dream.”